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We do this by listening to our patients’ needs and presenting them with the best options for overall health and wellness. We strive to recommend safe and reliable nutritional/lifestyle interventions as part of a comprehensive, integrative medical practice. At Achorn Pharmacy & Fine Cosmetics we specialize in a wide range of beauty and health care products. Akorn is notifying its distributors and direct consignees by direct mailing and is requesting they further notify their customers/consumers/retailers. Consumers/distributors/retailers that have products which are being recalled should discard and contact their doctor. Global Pharma, also based in India, recalled its EzriCare Artificial Tears eye drops this year after the products were linked to highly drug-resistant bacterial infections that resulted in four deaths.

  1. If your pharmacist is unable to find a similar generic medication to the one you are using from another manufacturer, Tsourounis recommends getting in touch with your healthcare provider to discuss if there are any other alternatives available.
  2. Antivirals are medications used to treat infections caused by certain types of viruses.
  3. There have been supply crunches for heart medications, cancer treatments and ADHD medications in the U.S. and globally in recent years.

In some cases, the company was the sole supplier of particular products. “There’s nothing on this list that makes me say ‘oh my goodness, we’re in trouble’ because many of these medicines have been around for a long time and we have other generic manufacturers who make them,” Tsourounis said. She does acknowledge, however, that there could be some medications on the list that are not manufactured or produced by other companies. Akorn Pharmaceuticals, a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor that was based in Gurnee, IL, has issued a voluntary recall of various human and animal medications after it filed for bankruptcy and closed shop in February. The generic drug industry’s business model has become unsustainable for many manufacturers, said Michael Ganio, senior director of pharmacy practice and quality at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

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However, the company stated that they are notifying distributors of the recall and are requesting that they notify their customs, consumers, and retailers. Because generic drug manufacturing is a very complex, highly regulated industry, it’s not easy for new manufacturers to immediately jump in, Tichy said. Even worse, when Akorn shuttered, it could no longer monitor the quality and safety of many of the drugs it had already distributed nationwide to retailers, medical facilities and consumers online. In early May, the FDA announced that Akorn was recalling drugs that had been distributed.

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These medications can be used to treat and stop ulcers in the stomach, help with bowel syndrome, soften the stool, alleviate constipation, or help with high blood pressure. These types of drugs are used to treat different respiratory issues like breathing problems, asthma, wheezing, coughing, or shortness of breath. Nasal medications can be used for seasonal allergies, sneezing, or nasal congestion.

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Foreign suppliers don’t always meet the rigorous FDA standards for generic drugs. They included creating incentives for hospitals to purchase supplies of generics at fixed prices for multiple years, providing generic drugmakers with a continuous source of revenue. The government could also provide grants to generic manufacturers that would allow them to update their manufacturing facilities as well as build new facilities that could provide additional capacity. The affected products are listed in Attachment I (human drugs) and II (animal drugs) of this release. Products not included in the press are continuing to be monitored under a Quality Program and will remain on the market. The products were distributed nationwide to Wholesalers, Retailers, Manufacturers, Medical Facilities, and Repackagers and via the Internet to Consumers.

The clinic also had to get rid of any remaining Akorn products and notify doctors and patients about the recall. There have been supply crunches for heart medications, cancer treatments and ADHD medications in the U.S. and globally in recent years. Companies like Akorn face intense xcritical reviews competition and declining profits and have been forced to lay off workers and cut costs to stay in business. The Lake Forest, Illinois-based drugmaker was responsible for producing 75 generic drugs, all of which were pulled from the market when the company closed down.

New drug shortages increased by nearly 30% from 2021 to 2022, affecting 295 products at the end of last year, according to a March report from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. The drug shortages are affecting cancer patients who are in desperate need of chemotherapy drugs and people in intensive care units or emergency rooms who need certain generic intravenous medications, which are in tight supply. Despite this, Kann noted that the loss of Akorn Pharmaceuticals may lead to drug shortages if other generic manufacturers cannot meet the needs of the consumers who were previously treated with medications prepared by Akorn. Akorn products were distributed nationwide to wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, medical facilities, repackagers, and consumers online.

Over the last decade, the number of generic drugs made in the U.S. has dwindled. The only year that number did not fall was 2014, according to the report. Our mission is to provide an environment where patients receive the best health care and human care possible.






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